Thursday, March 8, 2012

Make or Break

Now is the critical stage of the painting. The floor, the filtered light and the figure are essential elements to the mood and essence of the painting. If I can't pull those off, the painting becomes a tedious study of how to paint columns.
The floor patterns are coming together but already I see the floor is too light and needs more blues. The photo is on the warm side as I am taking it at about 3 am. (Yes, a long painting day/night.) All I have right now are halogen lights which will distort the colors. I plan to make the filtered light on the floor of the painting warmer than the light on the plinth.
As for the figure, I was talking with my dad, an Episcopalian clergyman. I told him I thought I would turn the man into a clergyman. Dad jokingly reminded me that only bishops can ordain. Well, I think I will use a little artistic license with this one.

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