Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Rather than painting caribou in the Boreal Forest, I have decided to make them zebra. Just need to add a few stripes here and there......only kidding.
However, I have made some substantial changes to the painting since the last post.

First, for me the bigger bull's legs have been problematic. With two off the ground they didn't seem to convey the attitude I wanted. He didn't look aggressive enough. So, for several days I tried various combinations of his back legs.  Now with only one leg off the ground the bull has more heft.

Secondly, the bulls' heads were getting lost in the trees. Before I painted anything this morning, I went into my Paint Shop Pro program and digitally painted in more water to see how I liked it. Yes, it was working. Then I e-mailed an image of the current state of the painting and the "more water" mock-up to two close friends to obtain their opinions. Both agreed the mock-up was more effective. Thank you Selena and Lee.

Next was paint mixing and goodbye to some of the forest. Don't worry, I don't think the removal of this small section of trees will drastically alter the oxygen contribution to the earth's atmosphere.
There are still some more details on the large bull caribou I want to touch but I will wait until after the foreground has some color.

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