Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Painting during the Holidays

I love having family gather at my house for the holidays. The only drawback is that my studio building becomes the living space for my brother's family. That means 14 days of limited painting time. No 2 am sessions and nothing before 8:30 am or 9. (I do get in a good bit of painting when my nieces are in the studio painting with me. Then I have a big painting on the easel.)

One evening over dinner, I mentioned my lack of painting time to my husband and we talked about what I needed.
Portable desktop easel for miniatures with movable hand rest.
By lunch the next day my new easel was built. A day of varnish and it was ready to use.

It can hold a miniature painting up to 18" wide and the hand rest can be removed.

The back is open and my portable paint box fits. There is enough room at that end of the table for my palette and holes can be drilled in the top flat panel to hold my brushes.

At the other end of the table the family can work on puzzles or other games and the box can be moved to other tables in which the family is gathered so I can participate.

Now I can work in the studio and in the house at whatever hour I want.

Happy Holidays and Happy Painting!


yvonne said...

Someone in your house is very clever with wood. What a nice well built piece of equipment. Lucky you.

naturegirl said...