Friday, January 16, 2015


His High-ness
30" X 44"
Original Oil

Once the interstices were partially done, I realized they had to be darker to contrast more with the highlighted sections. Also since the last blog, I lightened some of the branches on the feature tree to soften their look.

Often I have trouble with titles. The title was not coming. Tree- topper, Lofty something-or-other, Passing Through, Tall whatever. Then it hit me. His High-----ness.


Unknown said...

This picture its really beutifull,so beautifull,that i'm just paint this jiraffe in the same style of ambient and composition.This is one of the best picture that i know from your work Linda.Great work!.

Linda Besse said...

Wow Marc. Thank you.
I've wanted to paint this backlit tree for some time. Changed the composition, added some saturation, and of course added the giraffe. I'm glad I made the painting this big.