Tuesday, March 17, 2015

A Good Day of Painting

A good day of painting. Every artist has them - and wishes they had more. When everything goes right with the painting and the whole experience flows like a symphony.

I just had one of those days. But this was much more special. My good friend Selena Schopfer had come up to the studio to work on her music while I paint. We take a lunch break and then go back to work. It had been a while since I was available so I was looking forward to the visit.

As usual, I showed her what I planned to work on and she let me listen to her latest work. After a little bit Selena said she didn't have anything old to work on so maybe she would start something new. I kept painting, she, composing. Before lunch she was ready to have me listen to what she had so far.

As the notes began to play, it was my painting! From my few words and reference images she had perfectly set the story and the mood to music. No lyrics were needed to say everything I was trying to say in paint. What an amazing talent she has and so inspiring to me.

After lunch she continued to work modifying the instruments and the very moving piece became even more touching. A very good day of painting. Thank you Selena.

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sschopfer said...

You're welcome! And thank you, Linda, for the inspiring day and for saying such nice things about me. :-) I'm eagerly looking forward to seeing your finished work!