Wednesday, May 3, 2017


24" X 36"
Original Oil

When I completed the white of the broken wave, the foreground seemed too cool. Since the last post I added some warmth (yellow ochre, van dyke brown, titanium white, and a little paynes gray) to the sand showing through the foam. I left some of the darker green/blue color around the edges of the circles and ovals to give the white foam a feeling of height.
Some of that same warm color was brushed into the cool areas of the broken wave.

I hope you enjoyed this journey with me. Can't say I didn't struggle with this new palette but I believe the painting and I are better for it.


Peter Brown said...

The colours are very convincing, Linda. I'm glad you persisted with this experiment!

Linda Besse said...

Thanks Peter. Are you ready to experiment with your next piece?? Give it a try...the water's fine. ;)

Peter Brown said...

Linda, I'm nowhere near as courageous as you are, but I'm certainly going to rethink my approach. A monochromatic underpainting will hopefully provide a foundation to build on, and will curb my tendency to become bogged down with detail before it's appropriate.