Friday, April 6, 2018

Shhh - It's a secret

Sometimes I can't reveal what I am working on because it is a surprise. That is the case with my latest piece. The oil painting is a surprise gift for a client's wife's birthday. I certainly wouldn't want to spoil the event.
As each step of the painting proceeded, I e-mailed my client photos so he could see the progress. When I received the "WOW, it's perfect!" I knew the piece was a success.

Once the painting was finished, I took it to my framer and snapped a number of photos with frame options. Fortunately, the client thought one of the choices was a "slam dunk" and I ordered the frame.
(Note: the owner Holly Swanson of Spokane Gallery & Framing has over 5000 frame choices. It can be overwhelming but I take the subject matter and coloring of the painting into careful consideration before I make 5 or 6 preliminary selections. Usually the first group of framing choices contains the winner.)

I may not show this piece in progress once my client's wife sees her birthday gift, but know my brushes have not been idle.

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