Saturday, June 6, 2020

Challenge #5 The Lions completed, sort of

I could say the lions are painted, but there is one remaining which will be particularly difficult - the one outside Rubens' painting.

In working on a piece like this, I think the artist gains a more detailed insight in to the choices made by a master artist like Rubens. You pay attention to placement, movement, and lighting more acutely.
You can appreciate the painting when seen in a museum. Painting it yourself and you see the nuances.

I have been "complaining" about the number of lions I had to paint, but in having that many Rubens  created interesting groupings and a greater variety of actions which two or three lions would have been unable to achieve. This large group might seem haphazard, but the circular placement draws one's eyes to the main subject, Daniel.

Can I have a favorite lion? I like Rubens' lion in profile in the upper farthest left position.
Do you have a favorite?

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