Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Same subject, new story

In these times with art shows going virtual, a gallery sale for many artists is to be treasured. Well, any sale can make an artist's day.
I've painted two beach umbrella pieces for a gallery on the east coast. Last year's piece sold on opening night of my group show. This year's piece just sold 2 weeks before the opening.
Obviously, the gallery would like another beach umbrella piece ... now. For a "new" painting, I could just change a couple of scenery elements and change the color of a few umbrellas and call it "good." But, I wouldn't be telling a new story.

I'd rather run the risk of not selling than "selling out." I want all my collectors to have a unique piece and I don't want to cheat myself. How will I grow as an artist if I essentially paint the same painting?

However, there is no reason why I can't paint the same subject with a new story. I don't know if the new story will resonate with any collector, but isn't that the chance we take with any painting?

Summer Bouquet, 2019

 Stripes and Solids, 2020

I've decided to make this new piece vertical.

Fortunately, I am really enjoying using these bright colors. My palette has been greatly expanded with Michael Harding's handmade oil paints. I have been able to achieve new, more vivid colors.
Some of them may continue to translate into interesting color explorations in my wildlife pieces.

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