Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Labrador, Canada research trip 2008

Oil Painting titled Crossing
by Linda Besse

Labrador, Canada.
Imagine a place where at any moment you can spot a bear (or a mom with cubs), hear the howl of wolves, watch a soaring golden eagle or the dramatic lake crossing of a large herd of caribou. A place where you can fill your water bottle at any stream, and drink it untreated. A place where the tapestry of wilderness enfolds you. Such a place is Lake Kamestastin. I am thrilled I was able to experience it.

My trip with the Wilderness River Expedition Art Foundation (WREAF) http://www.wreaf.org)/was the trip of a lifetime. From the dramatic landscape to the pristine lakes and streams, the ptarmigan, song birds, golden eagle, bears, and of course the caribou, I was hooked. Our group of 8 artists were generously sponsored by the Canadian Wildlife Federation. To see photos from this amazing trip, visit the WREAF website. My website (http://www.besseart.com/) also has a page with photos and a story which can be accessed by clicking on the WREAF logo on the home page.

My new paintings from this trip include:
Crossing http://www.besseart.com/originalslm1-2.html
First Light http://www.besseart.com/originalslm1-10.html


Terry Miller said...

Hello Linda! Welcome to the world of blogging. I told you it would be easy to set up a page and ... here you are! I will be anxious to look in and see how this all continues. Great to see you in Easton.

naturegirl said...

Great to see your blog and beautiful painting!!! Good to see you in Easton, I look forward to seeing more!