Saturday, May 18, 2024

Water Reflection


This reflection is a bit different. Reflections are dictated not only from the color of the water, the agitation of the water (how rough or smooth), and the object reflected, but also by the depth of the water. This particular reflection signals that the boat is resting on a sandy bottom. 

Thursday, May 16, 2024

More Water


I enjoy painting the many moods of water. To create this scene I used two main looks: distant semi-rough ocean water and calm water inside a shoal and at the sand/shore line. 

 For the calm water I created texture with color differences and varying brush stroke thickness so it doesn't appear flat and lifeless. 

Tuesday, May 14, 2024

Adding sky


The first change I think the "boring photo" needed was a horizon line. 
Oils are perfectly designed for sky and water. I started with a group of white clouds to the left and a block of white clouds in the middle extending across the board. It was much too busy. So, I kept blending blues in to the wet paint until I was happy with what you see above. The extended drying time of oils gives me time to play around with ideas, especially with this painting in which all the decisions are not made before I start.

Monday, May 13, 2024

A Boring Photo

 I've taken a lot of reference photos. In my studio drawers are over 25,000 4" X 6" photos (all cross-referenced by subject) and I have well over 170,000 digital photos. Some of these photos are gems from around the world and some might only have a tiny bit of information which could be useful in a future painting.

Then, there are boring ones like the one below.


I took a number of angles of this boat when I saw it a couple of years ago. What is the appeal? The water is a nondescript color, the background buoys are not terribly attractive, the brown pole doesn't do anything, and the brown/rust above the water line on the boat is unattractive. 

But, there was something about the lines of the boat, it's closeness to shore, the light on it which drew my interest. Guess that is why I took seven photos of it. 

Over the last couple of years I have visited the digital photos of this boat only to leave perplexed. How do I turn this in to a painting? 

I have an idea. Watch me - I think I can make it work.

Thursday, May 9, 2024



Grass Is Always Greener
Original Oil
21" X 32"


 This painting certainly used a variety of greens! As for the color of the horse, to me this was the obvious choice. The pops of reds, rust, and orange stand out to create the story hinted by the title.

The next painting will not be "all"  greens. I'm working on my summer collection for the Martha' Vineyard gallery and the next piece will feature water and reflections.

Thanks for following.

Monday, May 6, 2024

More Green


Finally. The upper right leaves from a foreground tree are a nice warm green. I was able to break out the sap green and mix it with Gamblin's radiant yellow. Some sections have a touch of Rembrandt's cadmium yellow deep but I found the radiant yellow got me a more intense color.


 The farm has this craggy tree right next to the rock wall. I could have made it "pretty" but I found parts of it were quite interesting. I didn't paint every branch but went for the elements which in my mind defined the tree.

 The foreground grass and vegetation are rather loose. With all that is going on in the painting I didn't want one's eyes to stop on really detailed foreground plants/weeds. I did however want to make sure the brightest and warmest greens were on this side of the rock wall.




Friday, May 3, 2024




The rock wall in the background has few colors but to make the foreground rock wall read well I put strokes of raw sienna and blues in the shadows and played around with the warm sunlit colors. This is all to the right of the tree. To the left of the foreground tree I went with cooler colors to help that portion of the wall recede in to the middle ground.