Thursday, February 26, 2015


16" X 24"
Original Oil

I completed this piece just in time to send to my next show, Natureworks in Tulsa, OK.  Unfortunately, that means I did not have time to scan it so here is a photo which gives you an idea of how it turned out.

To see the "real McCoy", Natureworks Art Show & Sale is open to the public March 7th - 8th at the Renaissance Hotel and Convention Center, Tulsa, OK. I will be there with 23 of my original oil paintings.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

The good guys

Last fall I painted a piece titled Outlaws. (see posts starting October 4th, 2014 and the finished painting below.)

It didn't seem quite right to let the "bad guys" have the last word. So I am working on a companion piece introducing the good guys.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

The Next Generation

For several years I have had the joy of painting with my nieces at Christmas. First we started with paint by numbers which they enjoyed. A number of years ago, my niece Audrey decided she wanted a more challenging project. From scratch, three of my nieces drew their subjects and then painted them with my oil paints.

This past Christmas we continued the tradition and added my youngest niece to our group. I continue to be amazed by their dedication and competence. Often they would be in the studio painting before I was. They know their colors, (including the obscure ones I have), but more importantly, they put their heart into their pieces ......and it shows.

I am proud to present the wonderful work from this past Christmas.

Amanda                                           Katie      Audrey
The fourth chair belongs to:
             Olivia ........starting to mix her paints for her horse
Olivia worked on two projects: a butterfly set which she painted with acrylics and a 3-D horse in which she created her own coat pattern. I believe both projects show wonderful creativity!

2 of the 4 butterflies painted by Olivia Besse, age 9
The mohair tail and mane were added later

horse painted by Olivia Besse, age 9

Well done Olivia!!!
Amanda was set to complete her little bee-eater from last year. And my, what a beautiful painting it is. Her deft touch with the feathers and the depth of the eye really make this little guy come alive.

Original oil painting by Amanda Susman, age 14      7" X 8"        

Audrey arrived a little sooner than her cousins and was game to try Daniel Smith's metallic gold gesso. For her subject she chose one of our calliope hummingbirds which I photographed last summer. Each day I marveled at her piece. Audrey's finished painting is simply gorgeous! (Note: the background is a metallic gold. Click on the photo and you can better see the gold.)

Original oil painting by Audrey Besse, age 14           7" X 9.5"

Katie followed her cousin's lead and also decided to use gold gesso. Before anyone would get going in the morning, Katie would be in the studio painting. Browns are a tough color to work with but Katie did a superb job creating the nuances of this horse's hair. Well done Katie! You put a lot of your heart into this piece.

Original oil by Katie Susman, age 15      11" X 8"
Being in the studio with my nieces while we paint, talk, sing, and laugh makes my Christmas very special.

Monday, February 2, 2015


Jungle King
26" X 24"
Original Oil

If you remember from my post of Jan 22nd, originally I thought I would paint a grizzly. When I wasn't "feeling" it after painting the background and the head, I wiped the board, turned it 90 degrees and decided on a cat. I made the right choice.

My friend Lisa put it so well when she responded to my post of Jan 22nd,
" One of the hardest processes in life to learn.  How to stop and go backwards, to retrace one's steps to the point of departure.  Instinct says, "Push forward.  It will work out."  But so many times, scraping the whole thing and starting over proves to be the best avenue."

 In some ways, I hope this happens again. Yes, I lose precious painting time but self-editing (and starting over) will only improve my painting in the long run.