Tuesday, December 24, 2013

More Layers

I've added another six+ layers, mostly in the blue and purple hues.

In the meantime, I have been drawing several other pieces to work on while I wait for each layer to dry. You'll see some of those interspersed with these two pieces.

Monday, December 16, 2013

A good book

When I head on a trip I like to have a book to read. Rarely do I have the leisure time to peruse the various offerings at my local book store ahead of time. This means that I am usually grabbing a book at the airport and hoping I will enjoy it.

The latest "grab" was on my trip to Spain. On a quick layover in Seattle I found the novel The Art Forgery by B.A. Shapiro. I was so busy on the trip that I had only 30 minutes to start it but I did dive into it on the long flight home from Amsterdam to Seattle and on to Spokane.
 Wow. Really a very fun read for an artist or one who likes art.

And, it inspired this next set of paintings. No, I am not going to forge a Degas.

There were some interesting techniques mentioned and it was the extensive use of glazing which grabbed my attention. What if I were to employ glazing throughout a painting? (I rarely use any medium in my painting, preferring to mix directly from the tube and paint wet-on-wet.)

I checked out Gamblin's Galkyd Gel but opted for the old standby, Liquin. Mixing a little paint in with liquin, I have been adding layers of paint. They dry enough for me to add a layer in the morning and then one in the evening.

Below you can see the beginning of these pieces. Each painting is 36" X 15."

The zebra were first defined with my standard raw sienna - burnt sienna turpentine wash and now have about 8 layers of glazing (with 20? 30 to go?) The background colors were mixed directly from the tube and applied with no medium.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Arctic Blast

     Most of the country is in the grips of an arctic blast and Spokane is no exception. Even on a bright sunny day, the thermometer outside does not pass the 10 degree threshold. Scarves and hats are necessary accoutrements for any outside endeavor (even walking over to the studio!)

In light of this brisk weather, I have a new painting to share.

8.75" X 12"
Original Oil

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Below the surface

     My two weeks on the Big Island of Hawaii afforded some of the best snorkeling I have ever experienced. There were more green sea turtles than ever before. Watching them feed in shallow water never grows old.
     I was also in a bay snorkeling with 50 - 60 wild spinner dolphins. Hard to keep your distance when they kept swimming up to you. What a thrill!

Here's looking at you, kid.   (Linda and saddle wrasse)

The sun is shining here in Spokane and the temperature is almost up to 18 F. Quite a change.

Stay tuned for some new paintings.