Thursday, January 11, 2024



Glace' Seal-ing
18" X 24"
Original Oil 

Fur-ing out the polar bear took some time. While I had the direction of the fur established, there was so much more to creating the depth. 
A polar bear's skin is black and his fur is hollow.
I have spent time on the ground with polar bears in remote camps north of Churchill, Manitoba. It is amazing that though there is no pigment to their fur, when they are in sunlight their fur has a beautiful and striking golden glow. 

The above image is from my phone. It will be a while before the painting is dry enough to scan. Scanning always yields a more accurate representation of the original. In a couple of weeks, you can check out my web site to see the scanned painting.  (See originals, large paintings - mammals)

Friday, January 5, 2024

Polar Bear


Above I've finished the basic fur direction for the polar bear. I use this as a template for my brush strokes.

Below you can see I am starting to fill in both the light and shadowed fur.