Sunday, August 8, 2010

Birds in Art

For the eighth time in ten years, one of my paintings has been chosen for the elite Birds in Art exhibit at the Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum in Wausau, Wisconsin. This year there were 922 entries and approximately 100 works chosen with another 15 pieces from Master Artists.

It is a joke among us "bird artists" about the BIG envelope. Rejections come in a standard #10 envelope, but the acceptances come in a big manila envelope. Questions fly through phone calls, twitter and e-mail once results are released. "Did you get the big envelope?"  No need to preface it with Birds in Art or the Museum. We all know what the BIG envelope means.

This year, to save trees that our feathery friends inhabit, the museum e-mailed the results. Very effective, a good move. And, we were able to get the results those few days sooner. But, I have to admit I miss the big envelope. Pulling it out of the mailbox. Holding it in my hand. Do I open it right now, or transit the 1/3 mile driveway until I walk through my door? I always submit two pieces and only one can be accepted. Which one did they take? There may have been one time when I waited until I stepped in the house, but maybe not.

The show opens September 11th and continues until November 15th. If you like birds or really good art, this is a special show. And worth the trip.


sschopfer said...

So, it's true after all: size matters. ;-) Congratulations on once again being among the elite.

Kathy Foley said...

Hi Linda, Thanks for the good words about "Birds in Art." We'll miss you here in early September and hope that your travel plans allow a visit later in the month. I'll be eager to hear from you after you see the 2010 catalogue. Keep up the great blog entries. And, yes, Terry Miller's terrific blog posts have inspired all of us! Do check out the Woodson Art Museum's blog, "Woodson Wanderings," and we'd be delighted if you would like to add a link to the Museum's website ( on your blog). All best, Kathy