Sunday, August 15, 2010


I have done a number of paintings in an Eye See You series. Eye See You - Lion, Eye See You - Red-tailed Hawk, etc. In each, I work to have the eye of the animal the focus and just enough of the rest of him so you know which creature is depicted.
All of the paintings have been individually framed.  I thought it might be fun to group some together in one painting. My first concept for a group, Eyes of the Forest.

The forest would seem to dictate a green background. Since the orange wash was not completely dry, I painted the small background for each animal and then moved on to the green.

Once the green was in, I painted a darker green on the lower and right of each animal to give them a 3-D look. Oooh, I was really tempted to stop right here. Kind of a neat effect. I debated for several hours and decided.........

(you didn't think I was going to tell you now, did you? Check out my next blog.)

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