Friday, April 22, 2011

Earth Day 2011

Today is Earth Day and I thought I would share photos from my house at 8 am! Some would wake up discouraged at 6:30 to see a blanket of white outside. Me, I know we are headed for a new record. The latest a 60 degree day has been recorded in Spokane since the beginning of a year was in 1917 when the temperature didn't reach 60 until April 22nd. Seems unlikely it will reach 60 today.

With this being Holy Week, Earth Day can get lost. But looking outside and seeing the beauty of maybe our last snow of the season, one can't help but feel the magnificence of, as the book of Common Prayer says, This fragile Earth, our island home.

Front yard

View off back deck

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Theresa Paden said...

Wow, it's beautiful where you live! So great to meet you at the show this past weekend! Your work is wonderful and it was great to be able to see it in person.