Monday, July 4, 2011

The British are coming, The British are coming!

Happy 4th of July!
It might seem odd to you that today I post my continuing piece of the Horse Guards which keep watch over Buckingham Palace.
But since I am posting the red of their uniform, it is fitting.

Growing up, my Dad thought we should experience history on the 4th of July by reinacting the Revolutionary War. This required some artistic license as we had an entire cast of .... five. Mom, Dad, my younger brother, my younger sister, and me. Dad would grab the World Almanac and we would begin with heroic accuracy. Unfortunately, all three kids wanted to be the British. You see the British got to find something red to wear and then we got to DIE! The death scenes were particularly dramatic as you would expect. I remember one time Dad said, "OK, Somebody has to be a Colonist!"
We had Paul Revere running around the living room (I usually got that part), and once I took French in high school, I was the entire French army because I could sing the French national anthem.

In the end, we all had a chance to die and then celebrate the victory of the American colonists. Along with much silliness, there was warm deep laughter. Dad would vow at the end that next year, we would have more history in our reinactment. Of course next year came and once again our performance would de-evolve into fits of laughter.

This year I plan to start a reinactment with 2 of my nieces and a nephew. I have the perfect sweatshirt from my trip to London and I am already "strategizing" my death scene.

Here is my latest on the Horse Guard painting with their red. The color of the building was a little too warm so I have added blue to the left and middle sections and will add a bit to the right side.

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