Friday, April 13, 2012

Colgate Day!

Every Friday the 13th is proclaimed Colgate Day by Colgate University. I attended Colgate University, the institution of higher learning which began with 13 men with 13 dollars and 13 prayers in 1819. When I chose Colgate University for my undergraduate degree, I did not know how prominently the number 13 was associated with the college.
Why do I bring this up?  Today is not only Colgate Day, it is also my birthday. So I will don my Colgate sweatshirt and recall fond memories of my time there while I blow out the candles on my cake!

In Eighteen Nineteen   Words and music by Robert G. Ingraham, class 1913

Long ago, in the vally of Chenango,
Gathered thirteen.
Funds were low, but abundant was their pluck,
In Eighteen Nineteen.
Thirteen pray'rs were said with rapt devotion,
Thirteen dollars set the thing in motion,
Thus began old Colgate University
In Eighteen Nineteen.

Live true to the mem'ry
Of those thirteen men of yore,
Whose faith made tradition
That shall live forevermore:
Whose deeds give us courage
To strive as they strove then.
'Tis the Spirit that is Colgate,
Dear Mother of Men.

(and no, I am not bothered by that last Men. This was an all-male university until the 1970's and I am part of man-kind.)


naturegirl said...

Happy Birthday my sweet friend. I wish I was there to blow out the candles with you.

Barbara Rudolph Fine Art said...

Hope you had a Happy Birthday