Thursday, May 17, 2012


24" X 60"
Original Oil

There are a number of things I have done since my last blog to complete the painting.

First I added all the "whites" and highlights on the flamingos. My white was titanium white with a little cadmium yellow deep. For more pinkish whites I used titanium white, cad. yellow deep and permanent rose or cadmium red deep.
The water needed a little more reflection and some "white" reflected spots.

The final touch was a more difficult decision. The piece was looking a little on the cool side and needed a warm "vibrating" touch. Also the horizon line was too white and mushy (I know I shouldn't use these technical artist terms but sometimes they just fit.) I painted a lemony yellow line but kept it on the warm side.
The color wasn't doing what I wanted it to do. I still needed to be in the yellow tones but I warmed it up and made it more peach. Once I did that, the scene felt more alive and more festive. Like a party was going on.

The last thing I do is name the painting. I had a working title. When I sent an image of the painting to the new owners, I told them the tentative title. Fortunately, they had a much better title. Abundance was now complete.


Peter Brown said...

I'm glad you documented the creation of this painting Linda. It's a terrific outcome, and it's barely a month since you began - I'm envious at many levels!

Crista Forest said...

Wow, that looks like a lot of work! Came out great!