Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A Master Hand

October Morn
Original graphite by Terry Miller
8" X 26"

I am fortunate to have many talented friends. Their work continues to inspire and humble me with its greatness.

This is a piece which takes my breath away. It is not a subject matter which would normally draw me nor a scene with which I am familiar. Yet, there is something about it which says so much. I have been watching the progress of this piece since May 31st. Enchanted with it since the second or third post, I have to admit sometimes I would check twice a day to see if the next stage had been posted.

If you haven't had a chance to watch this work take shape, go to .
Terry's commentary on the various stages are instructive not only to graphite artists, but to all artists looking to use depth, light, and dramatic compostion in their art.
Terry Miller has a Master Hand.

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Terry Miller said...


Thank you for your appreciative comments on my most recently completed work! It is always nice to hear that my work has touched someone else in some way and especially rewarding and gratifying when those comments come from a fellow artist whose work I have great respect for.