Saturday, July 14, 2012

Cooling Down

The first thing I did since the last blog was cool down my water. Rather than Cobalt Blue which I had mixed with Veridian Green, I swiched to Ultramarine Blue for the base blue. Fortunately, much of the oil paint for the water had dried so I was able to dry brush the cooler blue and remix some of the darker lines with a cooler tone.

Since the last blog, I also worked on the child's left arm. It was looking a bit dull so I threw on some bright pinky oranges and added some of the color to her legs.

Now the shorts. .......... Agggghhhkkkk?
Who makes fabric like this and who designs clothing for it?
I was almost tempted to put her in a nice basic color but one of the things which attracted me to the scene was these crazy shorts. As I was painting the first red stripes, a girlfriend called.

Fortunately I can paint while talking on the phone (it has a very long cord). My friend told me a story which took hours and was a huge help. If I had had to sit and paint these shorts without a really good distraction, they instead might have become a nice green color!

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