Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Heating Up

Guess I spoke too soon about the temperature. We have had a couple days hit the low 90's. This means some adjusted painting times. Without air conditioning, my second story studio tends to get a bit warm starting at 4 pm. One afternoon I took a break and went back over at 10:30 pm, opened all the windows and settled in for some painting. The gentle breeze encouraged by the cross-ventilation, plus music and much concentration meant it was 2:30 am before I knew it!

I couldn't wait on the adjustments to the water and have repainted a lot of the lower section since the last blog. When something bothers me in a painting sometimes I can't do the sensible thing and wait before I start fussing with it.

"Mom's" hair took quite a bit of time. The shine had to read well or it would just look like a blob of brown. (a salon's worst nightmare!)

With some of the flesh colors already mixed for "Mom" I thought it would be a simple step to paint the child's legs. Wrong. The colors I was using weren't capturing that soft baby fat look. Once I hit on a mix of alizarin crimson and cadmium orange I was headed in the right direction.

I like the color of the child's shirt but I see my water is too close to the same hue and needs to be cooler.

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