Sunday, October 7, 2012

Artist Friends

Double Feast
15" X 24"
Original Oil

It might seem pure artistic expression emanates from isolation, an artist ivory tower. While it would be romantic to say inspiration springs from one as Athena sprang fully grown and armed from Zeus, I find it not quite that easy. Sometimes it takes generous artist friends to complete a painting.

Fortunately, I have been blessed with patient and very talented artist friends. This time I called upon Lee Kromshroeder. Though we kid each other on our different painting approaches, I greatly respect his talent and his advice. I was at an impasse, knowing the painting needed more but not sure what direction to take. After sending him images 3 and 4, we talked and he gave me some good suggestions. Mainly, he said I needed to have more transition between the bright foreground grasses and the background (see previous post). Also, the tail he thought could use more directional texture.

Once I finished those suggestions, my friend Selena came up to the studio to work on her music while I painted. Her good eye was bothered by the fox's nose and she rightly thought it was too skinny. A quick correction made all the difference.

Maybe in this case the title can have a double meaning. The fox has two sik-siks for dinner and I had two good friends help me complete my painting vision. Thank you Lee and Selena.


hmuxo said...

You completed this painting perfectly!!! Congratulations..a gorgeous piece.

Pacific Flyway Gallery said...

love that fox piece! Please take a moment and follow our blog at
I will send people your way!
Holly and Charles

Linda Besse said...

Note: Pacific Flyway Gallery (above) is my framer here in Spokane. They have THE perfect frame for the fox piece with Holly adding just the right copper highlights. Thanks Holly.