Thursday, October 4, 2012

Fox - stage 4

Work in progress - stage 4

There has been a lot of painting done since my last post. Sometimes when you are on a roll, you don't want to stop and take a photo.

To recap, I painted in the fox. Next I played with the right side grasses because I felt they needed to be brighter. The background was a bit light so I darkened it and then warmed up the foreground. I wanted an anchor so the blue shadow near the middle far left was added.
Lastly I painted the sik-siks.

The painting is not done. It is getting there, but now I need to sit and look at it. I'll set it across the room, sit in my director's chair and do the quick glance. That is when I look at anything else, distract my mind, read a magazine, then look up and try and see what it needs.

This may take longer than I thought. The cat thinks sitting in my lap is a perfect place to nap!

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