Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Almost There

The lead zebra is done and I made it the darkest.

The foreground has been roughed in. Some of the shadows are bothering me. I need some softer edges and more oranges at transition points. The trees on the right should be darkened in the "centers," leaving the silhouetted edges soft and warm. I may have reached the most critical stage of the piece. The final touches can make the difference between a nice painting and one that is really special.


hmuxo said...

Gorgeous..! I think its there!!!

marc calvo said...

If i not be wrong this is the Hartmann's zebra;you know?.

Linda Besse said...

Close. They are actually Plains Zebra, Chapman's race. It is a little hard to see on the blog with the zebra in shadow, but there are some pale brown shadow stripes.
Thanks for following my blog!