Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The finish line is in sight

With the upper area finished, now I turn my attention to the floor. First I paint the marble coffin on the far right.
Though it may seem all the tough areas have been painted, now comes a critical stage. If the floor perspective is not believable, the whole piece will fail. From here, I have a couple coffins, the column bases, the all-important stone floor, the altar, and the most important part of the painting to finish. The stained glass windows.


Wes and Rachelle Siegrist said...

Hi Linda! I am enjoying following your progress on this beautiful painting! You can tell, with the jigsaw puzzle comparison, that you're having fun figuring it all out.

Linda Besse said...

Hi Wes and Rachelle,
Certainly a different genre for me. Feels good to stretch. Thanks for following.

hmuxo said...

this is sooo interesting to see the progression ..thank you for that!! Its coming along beautifully, Linda.