Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Setting Up a Show

 I love what I do. That does not mean I love everything about the business of art and selling art.

January 23rd - 26th I exhibited and sold my work at Safari Club International in Reno. I saw many of my collectors and met new ones. That is the fun part.

It is getting ready for opening day which takes a lot a work. From packing up at home to setting up a 4-booth space (10' X 40' with 75 linear feet of wall space), the whole process can feel daunting. Fortunately, my husband is a master packer and with a show this big, he comes along to move and help me set-up the approximately 1200-1300 pounds of "stuff" (booth panels, carpet, easel, lights, lighting bars, tables, prints and racks, and all the paintings.)

Below are some of the steps taken to arrive at the finished result.

Laying and cutting carpet


Setting the panels, next all the lighting

The giclee canvas print area still to do

Hanging the Originals

Minutes before show opening- aisle view


Inside booth


Center of booth

Right side of booth looking toward print area

The show opens!

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sschopfer said...

Et voilà! Your very own portable gallery.