Sunday, February 3, 2013

Adding the pheasant

Usually I begin with the background. Since I wanted to work on this piece at my last show, I thought working in the center would be better with my easel set-up. That way I would have a dry area on which to rest my hand.
Now home, I painted the pheasant and worked on the rest of the dog.

I have a confession. I hate painting snow. Well, hate may be a bit strong, but I find snow particularly challenging. However, I love painting water and find it easy. For this snow piece, I am going to "pretend" that it is just cold water. Below is the beginnings of my "cold water."
The white "water" is titanium white with a touch of cadmium yellow deep and the shadow "water" is cobalt blue and cadmium red deep with titanium white.


hmuxo said...

This is going to be beautiful..the dog is perfect as well as the pheasant.

Linda Besse said...

Thanks for the encouragement!