Saturday, February 23, 2013

Cold Seas

High Seas
12.25" X 24"
Original Oil

I've finished the painting and I think it is more exciting than the "nice" water piece I had carefully planned earlier (see post on February 12th.)
As for the birds, they are Cape Petrels. These birds were some of my favorites crossing the Drake Passage to Antarctica. Their distinctive black and white feathers really stand out from the albatross (which can be tricky to identify in rolling high seas!)

If the painting looks quite different in color from the previous posts, it is because it has been scanned. For the other posts, I used my camera and adjusted for the light. Perfectly fine for posting to a blog but not sufficient for a good record of the painting.

On smaller and medium-sized pieces which can be stitched in Paint Shop Pro and on pieces from which I don't plan on making prints, I use my home scanner. The Microtek ScanMaker 9800XL has a 12" X 16" scan bed which will cover all my small pieces and many of my medium paintings. For larger pieces when I may wish to make prints, I take the original painting to Digital Color in Coeur d'Alene for a scan.


hmuxo said...

Congratulations on this FANTASTIC piece.....I can't say enough about this painting!!! LOVE it.

Linda Besse said...

Thanks Hilda. It is especially gratifying to have a fellow artist's praise. Many thanks.