Friday, February 8, 2013

On Point

On Point
18" X 29.5"
Original Oil

There are times when it is the "happy accidents" which make the painting. In the lower center, I had planned to throw in the same darks I had throughout. My brush had some yellow ochre on it and when it ran through the still wet "white" of the snow, it became even lighter.

Since I work wet-on-wet I figured I could just cover that area again in a little while. After working around the rest of the painting, it was that lower center warmer area which drew my attention because it was reading well. It felt like the sun was touching it and seemed to help establish the depth the painting needed.

Some more touch-up around the painting, adding warms and cools and the painting was finished.


hmuxo said...

Gorgeous painting, Linda!!! PERFECT PIECE!

Linda Besse said...

Thanks so much! You are very generous.