Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Painting Ideas

With an upcoming show, I wanted one more medium-sized painting. Knowing I wanted to paint water, I had what I thought was the perfect idea.
For hours I reviewed my reference and then with a number of images in hand worked on my composition. Next, I prepared my gessoed board and I was ready to start on my drawing the next morning.

After rehearsing with the Spokane Symphony Chorale that evening, I decided to take a peak at my idea before hitting the pillow. The painting idea was solid, would have fun water to paint, and had broad appeal with a good chance for a quick sale. All laudible.

There was only one problem. The painting was nice. I didn't want to paint "nice." I wanted to paint exciting. I tried playing with my concept, changing the dimensions, using different cropping, and even thought about using some interesting painting techniques. No matter what way I looked at it, it was going to be a nice painting.

I set that idea aside.
When I finally found my pillow, it was 3:24 am and I had a concept for a piece I really wanted to paint.

Stay tuned.

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