Saturday, March 9, 2013

NatureWorks 2013

photo by NatureWorks Staff of my booth

Last weekend (February 28th - March 3rd), I was at NatureWorks in Tulsa, Oklahoma. This is one of my favorite shows. Not only is the venue elegant but the directors of the show spoil us rotten.

This year, with fewer artists, the directors decided to increase the ballroom space we used. With a very open floor plan, the show had a decided upscale feeling and look. It rivals the finest shows in the country.

Beyond the high sales the show generates, it also is a family. My artist friends make up the show and this year we had some extra time to spend together. Yes, another artist could be considered competition, but it doesn't feel that way. We are thrilled when one of our friends has a good show.

 With the layout this year I had two sculptors near me. Diane Mason was next to me and Paul Ryan was across from me. Both are very talented and seeing their unique 3-dimensional approaches to wildlife was a joy. Diane had a rooster which has so much life I thought I could almost hear the crowing. Paul's show-stopping gigantic dung beetle with dung ball was a hit and my favorite sculpture in the show.

My thanks to the NatureWorks Directors and the whole staff for putting on such a fabulous show.

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