Saturday, April 6, 2013

Easel Modification

In order to keep the painting from swinging back and forth and warping, I asked my husband to make slotted stiffening boards. These boards have been screwed to the easel for additional stability.

When I finish the background rough-in, I'll want to use my horizontal hand rest system to paint the caribou. The attached stiffening boards are thin enough to accomodate the vertical posts to which my horizontal hand rest is attached. While working on a big landscape like this, I find vertical posts in the center distracting and it is difficult to blend behind them when working wet-on-wet with the oil paint.

Lighting is another issue. I am not used to worrying about the amount of light so far away from the center of my easel. So, we are mounting a swing arm on top of the easel on the left and right sides. The right one is on below.

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