Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Landscape

Big country, big landscape. I like starting at the top and working my way down from background to foreground. All the painting is done wet-on-wet, not waiting for layers to dry but rather blending the wet edges. This is not an area where I want sharp lines.

The distant background has cool tones and as I move to the foreground I will add more warmth to the scene. Right now I have about 6 brushes which I am using. Flats are my favorites, especially ones with an angled edge. Those work particularly well for a subtle defining of the trees.

Even though my easel has been modified to hold the board, I can't paint this upper area sitting down like I usually paint. The top of the painting is still so high I have to reach up to paint certain areas. I am walking back and forth and spending a great deal of time standing back from the painting. On a piece this large, you just can't take it all in unless you are a good distance away.


Peter Brown said...

Linda, this has the makings of a fantastic painting. Thanks for documenting the process and for allowing us to accompany you on this creative adventure!

Linda Besse said...

Thanks Peter. I hope you enjoy the ride!