Wednesday, July 10, 2013


                        Outgunned                       34" X 78"        Original Oil

As promised earlier, here is the completed SCI Foundation 2014 Conservation Artist of the Year painting. Yesterday I went over to my printer’s in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho and picked up the painting after scanning.

Scanning is a tricky business. For a piece this large, especially so. On my printer’s machine, the painting is placed face-up on the scanning bed. The scanning unit which is attached to an arm over the painting (not touching it), moves back and forth capturing all the detail. Since the scanning bed is 36" x 48", two scans were made which were then spliced together.

Yesterday was my chance to review the scan and the scanning master made changes accordingly. My goal is to match the painting and make sure the giclee prints capture the colors and details I painted. By moving back and forth between the scan on the monitor and the painting, we made several slight adjustments to hue and contrast and added a little gamma correction. With that accomplished, proofs will be printed for me to review. I have set aside a day next week to spend at the printer’s to review the first proof, make changes, print another proof, make changes, etc. There have been times when it has taken a dozen proofs to arrive at the perfect result. As a painter I want an accurate representation of my work and, fortunately, the printer agrees.

Later this week I start posting my next project, a big cat trio.

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