Friday, October 4, 2013

A New Color

For years my turpentine underwash has been a combination of raw sienna and burnt sienna (leaning heavily on raw sienna.) I thought a cooler (less warm) and more intense underwash color would enhance this painting. Seeing the color in my head, I went to my local professional art store, Spokane Art Supply, to take a look.

The first color I saw was "it." A Daniel Smith Quinacridone Coral oil paint. I knew nothing about this color or how it would work, if it would work, but it looked right, at least on the outside. Plunking down almost $20, I left the store ....hopeful.

After spending a lot of time drawing out my piece (when you see thousands of flamingos take flight, which do you choose for the right composition?), I was ready for my experiment.

My first thought when I put some paint on my palette is that the color had the right intensity and coolness. With a little bit of cadmium orange, I think it will work. After roughing in the background I was ready to start on the birds. My first bird finished, all I could think was "what was I thinking when I switched from my usual underwash?" The color is SO bright. I forged on.

By my fifth bird, my doubts were still there but I was determined to see this experiment through. The underwash is meant to peak through and I wanted a vibrant color. When I finished, it was bright alright. Almost distracting. The right choice? Yes, I believe so.

Below you can see the finished wash and the start of the background.


Sergio DS said...

Nice watercolor, congrats.

Linda Besse said...

Thanks for the comment. You are actually seeing the oil and turpentine underpainting and just the very start of the piece. The Daniel Smith Quinacridone Coral is an oil paint.

hmuxo said...

This is going to be an excellent piece, Linda. I look forward to your next post.!!

Barbara Rudolph Fine Art said...

Linda, we all missed you at the Realism show....I so hoped you were going to be here in Arizona. It was a very fun event and spectacular show. Your painting looks amazing.

Linda Besse said...

Hi Barbara,
So sorry I couldn't make it to the Realism show! My local gallery is featuring me for the month of October and the big reception was this past Friday, set since the beginning of the year. Glad you had a great time.