Monday, January 6, 2014

A way of looking at things

As a wildlife artist, I have a certain way of looking at the natural world. Things that others might find disturbing are for me part of the circle of life.

Wondering how much of this rubbed off on my nieces, I had a chance to find out when my four nieces and nephew visited with their families at Christmas.

I had to smile with the reaction of the first two nieces who saw the turpentine wash of this next painting. In unison my 8- and 13-year old nieces said, "That is so cute!"


Yeah, 3 lions ripping into a zebra carcass is cute. At least, we think so.


Peter Brown said...

Good for you Linda - it's a brave choice of subject.

I was lucky enough to watch a leopard stalk and kill an impala a few months ago in Botswana. Rather than take sides, as many seem naturally inclined to do, everyone in my group felt so privileged to witness such a sight that we simply accepted it for what it was. Paintings such as the one you've begun depict this reality, and lend much-needed credibility to our chosen genre.

Linda Besse said...

Thanks Peter.
And your words perfectly illustrate the joy of being "in the moment" with our fellow creatures. Thank you for sharing.