Friday, January 3, 2014

Finishing an "artsy" piece

Happy New Year!

How do you decide when a more "artsy" painting is finished? When a piece is a departure from your usual style, the answer is not as clear-cut.

I have been glazing the zebra using liquin throughout the painting process. When is it the last coat? Several days ago I thought I was finished but when I looked at the painting the next evening, it needed just a little more oomph. One last dark glaze on the heads and I put my brush down.

This was a fun diptych to paint. It will be going to my next show, Safari Club International in Las Vegas February 5th - 8th. I am curious to see what reception it gets. Each will be framed separately using the same moulding.

Emergence (working title) - Zebra I + Zebra II
Original Oils
Each 36" X 15"

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