Thursday, January 16, 2014

The joy of painting

One of the joys of painting is being involved with a piece. You think of little else. Unfortunately, that means you forget to take photos of it in progress to share on your blog!
So, this morning I scanned my lioness and cubs painting. In my rush to scan it before varnishing it and running it to my framer I did not realize I had missed part of the lioness's tail in the scan. She does have more tail as shown in the previous blog.

Table Manners
8" X 18"
Original Oil

There is a back story to this piece. Just as the sun was coming up, we came across a pride of lions with a zebra kill. Most of the lions had had their fill and moved off a pace. This lioness and her three cubs (only two here) were feeding at their leisure. What the lioness soon realized is that the kill had attracted a number of hyenas. More and more hyenas began to appear and started moving in closer. They would approach as far as they dared then sit. In a minute or two they would move closer.
The lioness finally decided to move the zebra carcass closer to the main pride. The cubs thought this was a grand game as they lunged and ran after their breakfast.

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Unknown said...

Espectacular painting Bese,your style have an impressionist tendecy.