Friday, February 28, 2014

Painting at Shows

If I have the space, I like to paint at my art shows. There are a several reasons I find this effective.
1) It is a good lead-in for conversation
2) It gives me a chance to explain my wet-on-wet technique and my underpainting
3) Often people will come back to my booth to see how much I have painted
4) I find it puts people at ease as if I am inviting them into my studio
5) It gives me a good excuse to sit-down (I use a high director's chair so I am at eye level with people walking up to me)
6) It is a unique chance to sell the painting. When one has seen a piece in progress, one can become more invested in the final result.

This last show, Safari Club International, I brought a piece but had very little time to work on it. Usually I would have started with the water. In this case I started with the tundra swans, just working on their shadow areas. The rest I finished when I returned home.

Detail of painting
You can see my raw sienna/burnt sienna underwash on the birds. I think it works particularly well in this case to let it "shine" through from underneath.

Take Off
8" X 30"
Original Oil

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complimenti,bellissimo lavoro