Thursday, February 20, 2014

Safari Club International 2014 Convention

My blog has been a little light since the beginning of the year. That is because I was working some really long hours to get ready for the Safari Club International 2014 Convention in Las Vegas, Feb 5th - 8th. With 120 linear feet of wall space, it was a huge undertaking.

The show was a success. Thank you to my new patrons and thank you to my collectors who continue to add my art to their walls.

husband Jim starting on the lighting

My booth just before the show opens
part of the inside of my booth

the outside of my booth from the other side
the wonderful 8 foot long sign
Safari Club International and the SCI Foundation
made and hung for me.
Stay tuned for a look at some of the pieces I finished for the show and what I am currently painting.

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sschopfer said...

Impressive booth. Great sign!