Sunday, February 16, 2014

the Next Generation

At Christmas I offer to give painting lessons to my three older nieces. This has been going on for several years and has evolved into an exciting tradition.

Each girl spends time going through my reference and selects her subject. This year they used prepared gesso boards. As they have in past years, they draw a grid on the board and on their printed reference and hand-draw their subject. Each year they need less and less guidance from me.

Once they finish drawing, just like me, they do a turpentine value wash with burnt sienna and raw sienna.
Amanda                                       Katie               Audrey

Amanda working on her turpentine wash

Amanda's Bee-eater with wash

Audrey working on her turpentine wash

Audrey's turtle with wash

Last year, Katie did not have a chance to finish her piece. Rather than rushing, she wisely opted to finish it this past Christmas. With the "headstart" she had, Katie could work on the details she wanted to have in her piece.

Katie ready to finish her owl from last year

My nieces continue to amaze me. I thought they did well painting Christmas 2012, but that was nothing compared to Christmas 2013. They needed no help making their grid, little help in mixing colors, and were anxious to get to their paintings. While I worked on my piece, I'd hear, "Aunt Linda, can I get some more VanDyke Brown?" They've learned the colors I use and make good use of their palettes.
I'd check on their progress and sometimes give them my "one more thing" suggestion. "Looks great, but one more thing. Have you looked at the proportion of the beak in your reference?" or "wow, love the color, but one more thing. What if you were a little messier in the coral?"

Katie and Amanda did not stay with us for as long as they usually do. A cold also took Amanda away from painting for a day. Like her big sister, Amanda decided not to rush her painting. She has such a beautiful start to it. I can't believe how incredible she did the eye! This is going to be a stunning piece.

Amanda, age 13, Bee-eater in progress

Katie really captured the mood in her Great-horned owl! She should be very proud of her painting.
Katie, age 14        original oil painting      Great-horned owl

Audrey had the most time to work on her piece. Good thing as she had picked an intricate subject in water (one of my favorite things to paint.) Up until the last day, she was working to finish her piece. She did a fantastic job and there is a wonderful  feeling of depth in her painting!

Audrey, age 13      original oil painting       Green sea turtle

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Terry Miller said...

How much fun was that! Great works by all, but naturally since they have such a great teacher. They all have reason to take pride in their pieces. Good job, Linda!