Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Finishing the Boat

Since my last post I have worked on finishing the boat. I continued painting lighter sections as the boat recedes to suggest the metal boat plating.

The windows in the "black section" in which you see inside the boat and the opening below where you can peak into the car deck took a fair amount of time. I wanted them to read well but not overpower or distract from the more vivid colors reflected in the windows and on the boat.

One section I was not looking forward to (and yes, even an artist can have those parts in a painting) was the upper railing. Not only were there sections in-between the railing where I had to repaint the sky and remix the exact colors, but the railing is a grid. It needs to appear solid but not.

When finished, the deep purple of the passenger loading platform will help make the yellow of the sky glow.

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