Saturday, May 31, 2014

More Landscape

And, continuing to work my way through the plain...

One of the dangers in working on a big painting is that it is hard to see. To take it all in, digital photos are an excellent tool. Once the image is on my computer screen in a small format, I can see things which need adjustment.

For instance, though the plain on the right has lots of colors, it is too uniform. It didn't look that way when I painted it from 12 inches away! So, #1, break up the plain with a good horizontal.
In trying to add some more color and contrast, there is a green band on the left. It is too green and needs to be cooler. #2, add more blues and purples to the green band which will keep it from "popping" out of the distant background.

Lastly, the volcano. If my sun angle creates shadows on the caribou, it should also on the volcano. #3, paint cooler colors on the left side of the volcano.

Check out my next blog to see these changes and more.

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