Friday, August 22, 2014


Artists often have ideas for months even years before they have the time, resources, or inspiration to paint them.
Yes. 1999. I have had the ideas for this painting rolling around in my head since 1999.
I was in the Okavango Delta in Botswana in a mokoro, a dug out wooden canoe. My guide was standing in the back pushing me along with a pole. Seated, my grass mat was getting progressively wetter and I wondered how long we would stay afloat.
As we rounded a high grass bank, we came across red lechwe. Females and several little ones. A couple of them were surprised by our presence.
Over the years, I have glanced at my reference and thought one day I should paint something with red lechwe. I never got the feeling that I was ready to paint them....until now. I want a good story and when I came up with the lion idea, I knew it was time.

This is a large painting at 35" X 48".

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