Sunday, September 28, 2014

Back From the North Country

Mom and her 1.5 year old cub, Hudson Bay in the background

I just returned from northern Manitoba. It was my 6th trip to this region of the world. There is nothing quite like being in the tundra in the fall with its brilliant colors. Being in polar bear country is the icing on the cake. I was in a remote camp north of Churchill ( and not only saw this mom and cub, but other bears as well. Snow, Ross, and Canada geese were migrating south and I was treated to numerous sightings of peregrine falcons perusing the Hudson Bay coastline.

It seemed to be just moments after I arrived home that I was at the Spokane Valley Arts Council Auction and Sale which took place Saturday night, September 27th.  I participated in the Quick Finish along with 17 other artists who were painting, sculpting, and carving in front of the patrons before the auction began. Just before the Quick Finish pieces were auctioned, I received the Nancy McLaughlin Award for the best female artist. Quite an honor when I saw the stunning art that was there.

It was a spirited night of bidding and my Quick Finish, Silent Auction set, and both my Live Auction pieces went home with happy patrons.

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