Monday, February 2, 2015


Jungle King
26" X 24"
Original Oil

If you remember from my post of Jan 22nd, originally I thought I would paint a grizzly. When I wasn't "feeling" it after painting the background and the head, I wiped the board, turned it 90 degrees and decided on a cat. I made the right choice.

My friend Lisa put it so well when she responded to my post of Jan 22nd,
" One of the hardest processes in life to learn.  How to stop and go backwards, to retrace one's steps to the point of departure.  Instinct says, "Push forward.  It will work out."  But so many times, scraping the whole thing and starting over proves to be the best avenue."

 In some ways, I hope this happens again. Yes, I lose precious painting time but self-editing (and starting over) will only improve my painting in the long run.

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Unknown said...

Absolutely, it was a great choice,congratulations for your super jaguar Besse,it looks near an hiperrealistic painting i love yur style.