Thursday, March 19, 2015

A little Imagination

If one just paints exactly what one sees, are you telling the whole story? I've been wanting to paint this since Oct of 2013. My memory of the scene was different than my reference photos. 
One of the problems with a camera is that it has no soul and no opinion. Each and every element has equal weight and no personality.

This scene has been playing out in my mind for a couple years. It was definitely a story which really touched me. Now, how do I recreate the feeling I had?
First, I threw away the literal look of the buildings. I liked the column but the yellow building in the back left is from a different part of Genoa. The building that is there was covered in brown paper for its remodel. That splash of yellow color fit what I was going for.  I saw arches and lots of beautiful architecture in this picturesque Italian town so why not take some elements and incorporate them into the story.

Will this be a true representation of Genoa? Hmmm. You would not be able to walk down a particular street and see this array of buildings. (though I did not walk every street.) Would I recognize the feeling I had of Genoa in this piece? Yes. In that way it is true to how I remember Genoa.

While Genoa is the place where I read the first page, the story could be in a number of places.

Stay tuned for the next page.

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