Saturday, March 14, 2015

The Gold Collection

I got an idea one day to paint a portrait of Africa's Crowned Crane. A very showy bird, I thought a muted background would really make him shine. This led to the idea of doing Africa's Best Dressed List: Crowned Crane, Giraffe, Leopard, Sable, and Zebra.

Africa's Best Dressed List - Gray Crowned Crane
12" X 9"
Original Oil

Not wanting to leave out our North American creatures, I started the The Gold Collection Series.

The Gold Collection - The Crane Gang
Sandhill, Whooping Crane
Each 12" X 9"
Original Oils

The Gold Collection - Bighorn Sheep
12" X 9"
Original Oil

I'll be doing more of these in which I start with a gray gesso but next up a scene I have wanted to paint since October of 2013. My blog will show the painting step-by-step.


underthemagnifier said...

Great collection Linda! So wonderful to spend time with you in NatureWorks! ~ Wes

Linda Besse said...

Thanks Wes!
Always so good to see you and Rachelle. Your pieces, like usual, are fabulous and I love that gold background you are using. Especially effective with your work.
You can see their work at: